Ann Cher-pr

Toh Ann Cher

Public Relations Manager
Specialization: Real Estate
NOC Company: Xiaomi Technology


I am currently a 3rd year student in NUS, majoring in Real Estate.

For the next 10 months, I will be residing in Beijing to delve deeper into the tech industry. The rapid growth of the tech scene over the years has got me very interested. We all know that these changes are inevitable and unavoidable, so why run away from it?

I am a full time intern in Xiaomi right now and in the meantime I’m taking some tech entrepreneurship modules in TsingHua. It is vastly different from my original Real Estate major but I feel that there is no better time to explore. I do not wish to coop myself up into a single industry and just be comfortable in it. At the end of these 10 months I aim to gain interesting insights in hope that I can find a way to marry both Real Estate with technology.

I love anything simple, clean and white. I love cooking, travelling and working out. I am 1.8m tall, so if you do have anything you would like me to help you get from a high shelf, I am here for you. However, please, do not be intimidated by my height, I promise I won’t bite!


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