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Founded in October 2016, DASCAPITAL 点石资本 is a new arm of 北京理想梧桐科技有限公司 which focuses on helping growing company to fund capital and providing M&A consultancy. Specializing in FinTech, New Consumer and New Culture, DASCAPITAL will not only help companies in these areas to organize their funding plan and process strategically but will also maximize the effect of the partnership by bridging companies with investors that have the most suitable resources which can fit into companies’ business models so that companies can leverage on them to grow rapidly. Furthermore, DASCAPITAL will guide companies to avoid legal loophole in order to avoid potential risks. In a nutshell,  DASCAPITAL is not only the bridge between companies and investors both individual and institutional but also a professional partner that can help companies to maximize their potential.



Industry: Venture Capital
NOC Intern: Jonathan Yeo

YEAN is an organisation under NUS Overseas College

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