Jonathan Yeo

Finance Manager
Specialization: Quantitative Finance
NOC Company: Dasbank


I am a third year Quantitative Finance undergraduate in NUS, second major in Economics. Currently, I am in NUS Overseas College (NOC) one year Beijing programme. Having the opportunity to join this prestigious programme, I can have the chance to experience the start-up culture in China by interning in a VC firm- DASCAPITAL.

Previously, I interned as a data analyst in a high frequency trading (HFT) firm. As a data analyst intern, I helped traders to find statistical relationship between different financial products. Furthermore, my teammate and I also helped them to develop a trading signal which will help them to look for support and resistance in the order book.

In Outliers: The Story of Success,  Canadian author,  Malcolm Gladwell  mentioned  the 10.000 hour rule which states that it will take roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. As a believer of this rule, I believe no one can have ‘overnight successes’ without putting in efforts and time. Only those who are willing to sacrifice and work hard can excel in their field.

 I enjoy hiking and have conquered Yala Peak (5700 m) in Langtang area in Nepal. I also enjoy trading in FOREX market and indexes and have created several trading systems. Currently, I am falling in love with sailing.

YEAN is an organisation under NUS Overseas College

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