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QingZhou Education is an education organization which focuses on the growth and holistic well-being of teachers, ranging from kinder garden to Secondary school. Founded by Mr Li and Madam Feng, who were educators themselves, QingZhou Education had for a consecutive of five years since 2011, provided educational management training and career skills improvement lessons for hundreds of thousands of teachers and educators in Beijing.  On top of that, QingZhou Education had also assisted more than six hundred teachers in obtaining their higher education from top universities in China. In addition, QingZhou Education also partnered the Education Bureau of Beijing Haidian District in publishing books which documented past successful experiences of teachers. All these provided great assistance to school teachers in terms of enhancing their teaching qualities. At the moment, QingZhou Education consists of one private owned school and two subsidiary companies which possess advance online platforms for teachers. So far, the company provides four core businesses – Human Resources, where the company helps schools in Beijing manage teaching resources, On-job training for teachers to enhance their teaching skills, Educational materials publishing as well as Teaching certificate related services to assist aspiring teachers in obtaining their teaching certificates. The company is also looking at expanding into other aspects in the education industry. With a motto that translates into “always be there for teachers”, QingZhou Education is hoping to help more teachers in near future.



Industry: Education
NOC Intern: Kang Lei

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